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Bespoke IT Systems for Greater Supply Chain Visibility

According to McKinsey, greater visibility across our supply chains is a “key factor in enabling agility and improving communication between all stakeholders”. This is why funding for visibility and intelligence startups has tripled since 2020, as supply chain and transport visibility has become a priority.

Europa’s Bespoke IT System 

Belgian road freight specialist  Europa Road, has been using a bespoke IT system since it acquired Continental Cargo Carriers in 2018. Following the company’s rebrand in 2022 as Europa Road, the company invested heavily in the latest technology for more responsive, productive and scalable operations. Most importantly, by investing in a sophisticated IT infrastructure, the company can offer customers greater supply chain visibility.

Carlo Turner, Non-network & Continent Director at Europa Worldwide Group, discusses how the Belgium team has achieved full visibility by updating its IT infrastructure.

“Many companies are hesitant to update their IT infrastructure because it is certainly an expensive investment. Furthermore, because electronic consignment note (eCMR) protocols are inconsistent between different countries, sometimes visibility for trade coming into the UK from Belgium can be more complex to implement.

“However, to improve communication between stakeholders and offer your customers accurate, guaranteed shipment dates, it is a worthy investment. Ultimately, it will save you time and money, and will allow you to provide a better service.

“Europa uses its own Leonardo infrastructure, which is an efficient, in-house content management system. LeoRoad, which was launched in 2016 to the UK, has now become a well-established and stable platform, bringing its benefits to a Belgian customer network.

Carlo explains that the system employed in Belgium consists of five Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) software platforms integrated into a version of LeoRoad. It is designed specifically to seamlessly link up key players in the supply chain, from manufacturers, warehouse providers and final recipients, by continuously sharing data. Once collated in the system, Europa’s team can precisely map out a consignment’s journey, providing guaranteed shipment dates and a smooth, efficient transportation process.

Data Collection Capabilities  

All data confirming important milestones, like vessel loading, departure and arrivals, is transmitted to the relevant Europa operators in real-time through EDI. This means that customs clearance documents and details on the payment of duties and VAT can be transmitted remotely and in real-time, regardless of the time of day. This information can then be processed by Europa’s in-house customs experts.

Carlo added 

“Europa’s infrastructure is constantly being improved for better adaptability, hosting a variety of benefits for customers.

“Firstly, the software is fully automated, removing the need for manual administration and limiting the possibility of human error. This means that documentation and customs information can be processed 24/7, out of normal working hours. It also promotes sustainability as our operations are now paperless. Furthermore, the processing of customs information can also be done effortlessly, which removes the need for third-party customs brokers, reducing costs.”

Europa’s Leonardo Programme

The Leonardo programme used across the business was established following a more than 11-million-euro investment.  Leonardo maximises the latest technology and is one of the key drivers at the heart Europa, powering its continued success.  Inspired by Da Vinci himself, who said, ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’, Leonardo has given Europa control over its systems, improving responsiveness, efficiency, productivity and scalability.

Europa’s Local Offering 

The IT infrastructure is unique to Europa which has offices on both sides of the channel, offering the expertise of a global specialist to customs locally, both in the UK and in Belgium. With IT integration representing a big part of the corporation, having a system which can drive efficiency, control, quality, and industry-standard is something Europa’s customers value.

Europa Worldwide Group has three divisions – Road, Air & Sea, and Warehouse – and an ever-expanding global footprint. Over the past year the Group has expanded into the Middle East and Asia, with new sites in Shanghai, Dubai and Delhi.