22,000 crossings per year
300,000 DDP consignments since launch
19 depots in the Benelux, the UK & Ireland
Carlo Turner, Non Network and Continent Director

Extending Support for Freight Forwarders with New Dedicated Service

Europa Road has launched Europa Direct, a specialist service dedicated to providing unaccompanied part or full loads for freight forwarders shipping between the UK, and Benelux and Rurh regions.

Trade Between the UK and the Benelux

According to the UK Government, trade to Belgium amounts to approximately £59.1bn. To maximise trade between the UK and the Benelux, the Europa Direct team of experts will be on hand to monitor capacity and location of these trailers and provide support for customers.

Carlo Turner, Non-Network & Continent Director

“Rising costs and added complexity associated with transporting goods post-Brexit means that now more than ever, we must be prioritising a fast, reliable and seamless movement of goods.

Europa Direct is the next service dedicated to providing this, with a team of experts at hand to advise and support customers shipping between the UK, and Benelux and Ruhr regions. The team of 10, led by Manager Marco Riccomini, will be split between our 1Hub in Dartford, the UK’s largest European groupage hub, and our Oostende office, offering support for freight forwarders on both sides of the channel

Europa Road

Europa Road is the European road freight division of Europa Worldwide Group and operates more than 60 unaccompanied trailer journeys across the North Sea every day.

“The team will have access to the latest trailer availability information to ensure a prompt, hassle-free booking process. Not only does this ensure our freight forwarders can ship on excellent shipping terms, but it also allows us to fill our trailers, minimising wasted journeys.”

Road Freight Investments

The launch of Europa Direct follows a series of investments in Europa Road to guarantee a seamless movement of goods in and out of the region post-Brexit. This includes a £5m investment in Europa Flow, a Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) service launched in 2021, which takes care of customs clearances in advance of shipment arrivals.

Carlo concludes:

“Launching Europa Direct is certainly a milestone for us, giving freight forwarders a direct, dedicated port of call for securing the best freight rates possible. It’s also a great example of how far our business will go to ensure an optimised flow of goods between the UK, Benelux and Ruhr regions. Our efforts to take the complexity out of road freight extend further than our customers, but to freight forwarders as well.

Decade of Growth

The launch of Europa Direct is a part of Europa’s ongoing Decade of Growth celebrations, which commemorate ten years since its acquisition by Andrew Baxter. As part of this growth, Europa Road also opened an office in Rotterdam in February 2023, cementing its foothold in the Benelux region.

Europa Overview

Europa Worldwide Group has three divisions – Road, Air & Sea, and Warehouse – and an ever-expanding global footprint. Over the past year the Group has expanded into the Middle East and Asia, with new sites being established in Shanghai, Dubai, Delhi and also in Shenzhen.