22,000 crossings per year
300,000 DDP consignments since launch
19 depots in the Benelux, the UK & Ireland

February CCC Voyageur

2022 set to be an exciting year of growth for CCC

We have lots of exciting news to reveal this year from CCC and look forward to sharing with you all very soon. Plus, we’re expanding our fleet by 42 per cent, adding 156 brand new trailers to our vehicle portfolio in the coming months. So, keep your eyes peeled for further updates!

Success since clearance on arrival to UK ports

We are pleased to report that since 1 January 2022, when full import declarations were required at the time of import into the UK from the EU, we have had very few delays on trailers and zero delays when we manage the clearance ourselves.

At Continental Cargo Carriers, we are committed to reducing the risk of delays and unforeseen costs to ensure your consignment travels in and out of the UK in the most efficient and cost-effective way. We’re thrilled to see our integrations with UK customs is working so well, and we look forward to continuing to offer a seamless solution to our customers in the coming months.

EU Mobility Package to take effect this month

The Mobility Package was adopted in 2020 and many of the measures go into effect this month. What does this mean for the industry?

  1. The obligation to report the posting of drivers in a special interface for carriers connected to the IMI Internal Market Information System.
  2. The obligation to pay drivers at least the full minimum wage is applicable in each member state while they are working there.
  3. The obligation to register border crossings on digital tachographs.
  4. The mandatory return of commercial vehicles to their base every eight weeks (applied from 21 February)
  5. A maximum of three (and two if trailers come from the UK) cabotage operations in one country may be performed within a seven-day period. After this period, the truck may not enter this country for four days.

For those looking for support, please contact sales@ccctransport.com.