22,000 crossings per year
300,000 DDP consignments since launch
19 depots in the Benelux, the UK & Ireland

Europa Sustainability

Our journey to a more sustainable operation

There's no question that the world needs our care, now more than ever. Sustainability is a massive challenge for the logistics industry, and we're proud to say that Europa Worldwide Group is making great progress in developing and implementing our environmental agenda. We are working with various environmental experts to ensure the actions we take create long-lasting and impactful benefit. It's going to be a long journey, but together, we are committed to making a difference.

Making environmental management easier

On-demand Scope 3 emissions reporting

We’ve partnered with Pledge, the leading greenhouse gas emissions management platform for logistics, accredited as meeting the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) Framework, so our customers can: 

Monitor and reduce supply chain emissions.
Access full Scope 3 carbon emissions reporting.
Take carbon offsetting actions. 

Real-time visibility of fleet performance

Meaningful actions rely on robust data and analytics, so we’ve invested in Microlise fleet telematics. Harnessing the knowledge and insights enables us to optimise our performance, so that we can: 

• Reduce fuel costs
• Improve fleet utilisation
• Boost driver performance

Carbon emissions

We’re one of the largest users of the Eurotunnel to significantly lower our CO2 emissions** compared to other transport solutions.

• Our colleagues can choose from a range of electric vehicles, as company cars or a salary sacrifice scheme.

• Our fleet of trucks has the latest low pollution and high fuel efficiency Euro 6 engines.

• We’ve moved to a fully electric MHE fleet and have successfully completed our first EV truck trial.

• We’re actively exploring HVO as an alternative fuel option.


We proactively purchase our energy from renewable sources, as recognised by the SSE Green Electricity Certificate. 

• Saving water is high on our agenda. We harvest rainwater and deploy various water saving technologies. 

• Dartford, Corby and Osberton sites all offer electric vehicle charging points. 

We’re switched on to smart lighting too! We use LED lights across all our sites and are scoping the most effective solar energy solution for us to install. 


Today, we are proud to say that most of the waste generated across our UK operational sites is recycled and we continue to find ways to improve this further: 

• Paper and card
• Plastic including strapping
• Metal and wood
• Compost
• IT and battery
• Hazardous

Our actions are making a difference

Our journey to sustainability is challenging but accelerating in momentum. In April 2024, we achieved ISO 14001 and aim to secure ISO 50001 by the end of the year, the internationally recognised standards for environmental and energy management systems.

* Our standard semi-trailers are 15.6m long instead of the standard 13.6m.
**Comparison based on the analysis of greenhouse gas emissions on a Calais-Dover route between different transport solutions.
Approx. 112 kgCO2e per truck on a ferry journey vs. approx. 9 kgCO2e per truck per trip with LeShuttle Freight. Study by Carbone4 for Getlink
based on: (i) the GLEC methodology, (ii) a study by JMJ establishing ferry emissions and a distribution between freight and passengers in
proportion to the spaces dedicated to each activity and emission factors of HFO, LFO and MDO fuels, (iii) the 2019 Eurotunnel greenhouse
gas emissions validated by Getlink’s auditors and ADEME’s electricity emission factors (location-based for transport use) and DBEIS
(for electricity in England, location-based) on scopes 1, 2 and 3- upstream of energy within the meaning of the GHG Protocol.